Saturday, 8 September 2007


This week has been mad!

We have catered for 535 people and the place has been jammed packed every night as well as Wednesday and Friday lunchtime. Everyone here, including myself has worked really hard and every service was faultless, well done to you all!

A special thank you goes to Lucimar our Kitchen porter, he has the lovely job of washing all the dishes and cleaning down the kitchen at the end of the night, he never complains, just gets on and does it, well done Luci, thank you! (He refused to pose for the camera, but you can see him in action above!)

Thursday sees the return of my assistant Lee from his fortnight in Majorca, so hopefully he'll be nicely rested and ready to throw himself in to his work. Somehow I feel he will be anything but rested!

Good program to watch on telly at the moment is The Restaurant on BBC2 Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8pm. Nine couples have to open and run their own restaurants under the guidance of Raymond Blanc with the eventual winners getting to run their own restaurant in partnership with Raymond. It's nothing new as far as reality tv goes, but it does give you a good insight in to what's involved in running a restaurant.

It's now nearly midnight and we still have over 30 people in, so I'd better get back on the floor and do what I do!

Have a great weekend

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